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AGM 2023

AGM 2023 Agenda- Click Here                                         


Committee Nomination Form- Click Here                  


Notice of Motion Form- Click Here                                

Received Nominations

President James McGinty

Vice President Kevin Chisholm

Secretary Kendl Cramer

General Committee Weigh Master Eddie Cramer

General Committee Scorer/Recorder Paul Parker

Received Notice's Of Motion

Proposed by CCGSFC Committee

Update of BY Laws and Constitution to include grammar, spelling and layout tidy ups. Click to View!

Proposed by CCGSFC Committee

Update and changes to the club BY Laws and Constitution including removing outdated rules and changes to other rules. Click to View!

Marked up By Laws and Constitution for viewing (to be discussed at length at the AGM in line with the above Notices of Motion. Click on both to view.

By Laws


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